Activities & Tour Descriptions

Activities & Tour Descriptions

Check out the below activities and tours offering participants the opportunity to explore the Orlando area with first class service!

Learn About Spa Offerings Here - Waldorf Astoria Hotel - 3rd Floor

Behind the Scenes Tour of Cirque du Soleil “Drawn To Life”
Guests will experience a unique VIP guided walking tour not available to the general public.  Go behind the magic of Cirque du Soleil and Disney’s Drawn to Life show that opened in Disney Springs in November 2021 and hear backstories that inspired the show creators.  Guest will visit the below locations within the tent as well as see rehearsals on stage.

  • 9th floor grid 75 feet above the stage

  • 8th floor catwalk

  • 6th floor control booth (automation, lighting, and sound)

  • Behind the stage - props, costumes and production, training room

  • Below the stage – Trap room, wardrobe, dressing rooms, prop shop


Culinary Creations: Let's Roll!

Zeta Asia Restaurant - Lobby Level - Hotel Signia

Learn the secrets to incredible sushi from Zeta Asia, and create your own roll. You will be guided through the art of the perfect roll, including the purchasing of ingredients, rolling techniques and more.


Culinary Creations: That's Amore!

La Luce Restaurant - Lobby Level, Hilton Signia

Learn the art of how to make great pasta, while taking a bit of our Signature Italian Restaurant “La Luce”, home with you.



Discover the Wild Side of Florida

Orlando isn’t exactly the middle of nowhere, but it does offer an opportunity for exploration. Nearby in the headwaters of the Florida Everglades there is a pristine paradise to be surveyed! Leaving the tourist district of Orlando behind you will journey to explore part of a lush nature preserve.

An airboat is an ideal way to travel the undeveloped area, so head for the pier upon arrival at Wild Florida. The local inhabitants are often visible along the shoreline and native birds can be heard when the air boat slows. Following the tour, get closer to a Florida icon during a Gator Demo, complete with a souvenir photograph of you holding a young reptile. Before your tour, stroll through the Wildlife Park to view a few more exotic residents. Wild Florida provides an unforgettable day spent in the original landscape of Orlando, so climb aboard the airboat explorer!


Experience Your Disney Dream Day
Explore the parks with your own VIP Tour Guide for a customized day filled with thrilling experiences.  Your Disney VIP Tour Guide will take you on the most efficient, enjoyable journey for you to see and experience our Walt Disney World® theme parks.  Enjoy unparalleled hospitality and discover some of our new attractions and maybe a few of your favorites along the way! 

Your Disney experience also includes lunch in a unique private theme park venue where our idea of a “lunch and learn” is taken to a new level!   We’ll visit multiple theme parks to give you the opportunity to enjoy different experiences within our resort.  And your knowledgeable VIP Tour Guide will share stories and insights along the way.  No better way to explore and discover what Walt Disney World® has to offer!


Golf Open Play - The Waldorf Astoria Golf Club

Nine (9) holes available for which you can play twice!

Visually stunning and immensely playable, this championship golf course is enhanced by natural elements like majestic cypress trees lining the fairways and features a five-tee system to accommodate golfers of every caliber.
Using the land’s natural contours as a canvas and a fertile imagination as a palette, this meticulously designed course was created by acclaimed golf course architect Rees Jones. This masterpiece pulls in elements from several of the world’s classic courses – some designed a century ago. The layout ingeniously blends its traditional character with endless subtleties for a challenging experience. Mindful of the natural elements and in homage to the game’s storied history, Jones created a golf course of great integrity and environmental consciousness that seamlessly folds into the terrain, so it appears to have been here forever.



Shingle Creek Kayaking

Get in touch with Florida’s natural habitat through a trip down Shingle Creek. Paddle with ease and take in the endless shades of green as you journey further south! While the Everglades may seem like a distance from Orlando, the headwaters are just a short drive from the popular convention district. Shingle Creek is a serene waterway flowing through cypress forests before reaching the marshes of South Florida. As the water gently guides you, a green canopy of trees and diverse plant life frames your path. Overhead, the sounds of birds chirping and other wildlife pull your attention as you hope to catch a glimpse of them in action.

Your eco-guide helps in spotting the hidden creatures while detailing out the rich history of the creek and its impact on the Florida Everglades. Feel at peace with nature as you wade through this beautiful landscape. Whether you are an avid kayaker, or a first-time explorer, grab a paddle and enjoy the water!


Sip and Savor: Whiskey Tasting

Mixology – Whiskey | Bourbon | Scotch
La Luce Restaurant
- Lobby Level, Hilton Signia

Enjoy a guided mixologist journey of 4-6 Whiskeys from different regions around the world, with tasting notes and snacks.



Winter Park Boat Tour and Morse Museum

Winter Park is an enchanting town with secret gardens, side streets, and unique stories. Let your curiosity carry you away as you travel the delightful city! First, the historic scenic boat tour will take you on a one hour, 12- mile journey through three pristine lakes. All three are lined with some of Winter Park’s most prestigious and notable homes, and one offers a sweeping view of Mr. Fred Rogers’ alma mater.

Your guide will amuse with anecdotes on residents and the area’s history during the cruise. Following the boat tour, explore the Morse Museum, which features the world’s most comprehensive collection of art by Louis Comfort Tiffany, known for his stained glass lamps and windows. Spend a day outdoors in the shade of Winter Park and see what makes this city one of Florida’s hidden gems!


Yoga on the Island - Signature Island

Revitalize your mind and body with yoga poses designed to guide participants in stretch for their unique body type and daily life.



Zip Zip and Away!

A classic Orlando attraction has been revamped for adventure. Soar over the treetops of a Floridian paradise while looking out for the reptiles gathered below! Gatorland has allowed visitors to experience close-up encounters with Florida wildlife for over 70 years. However, your visit won’t just include the typical leisurely stroll through the exhibits – you are in for an adrenaline-pumping experience! Soon after arriving you will strap into a harness and ascend one of the zipline towers. With platforms over seven stories high you will be greeted with a spectacular view of the park before traveling down the cable. Cuban and Nile Crocodiles, along with the iconic Florida gator, relax in pools below as you travel 1,200 feet through the canopy.

One-of-a-kind reptilian shows, a swamp walk, and Florida’s native creatures are waiting to be discovered once your high-flying adventure is complete. Come soar through the beauty of natural Florida while celebrating her most iconic reptile!



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