Vijay Vaitheeswaran

Opening Keynote – Thursday, September 21
8:30 – 9:45 am
Keynote 45 minutes
Reactor panel on stage 30 minutes

Big Thinkers – Day 1
Vijay Vaitheeswaran of The Economist will cover these key areas in a fast-paced keynote followed by an interactive CEO reactor panel session:
  • How business will fare in today's tricky economic outlook
  • How geopolitical troubles stretching from Russia to China will impact the global economy
  • How to navigate the lingering and long-term impacts of the pandemic  
  • How to drive growth and innovation in an age of exponential technological change

Vijay Vaitheeswaran
Vijay Vaitheeswaran is the global energy and climate innovation editor of The Economist. Previously he served as the Economist’s U.S. business editor and its first China bureau chief.

With a career that has taken him from Mexico City and London to Shanghai, Vaitheeswaran brings an impressive breadth and depth of expertise to topics ranging from globalization, politics and economics to international trade, supply chain and labor disruptions. His years in China inform his deeply qualified perspective on Asia’s role in the global economy and on China’s dynamic private sector. He is widely regarded as an expert on China’s impact on international markets and its emergence as an economic superpower. He also led the editorial team that launched the “Global Business Review,” a highly successful app and the first bilingual product in The Economist’s 175-year history.


Afshin Molavi

Closing Keynote - Friday, September 22
8:15 - 9:45 am

Big Thinkers – Day 2
On Friday, join Ashfin Molavi, global trends commentator, for his dynamic presentation, “The Five Disruption-Proof Trends Shaping Your World.” He’ll help attendees better navigate today’s unprecedented connectivity and technology acceleration while answering:
  • What are the five key demographic and universal growth trends that are reshaping our world?
  • What are the shifts in our day-to-day political, economic and trade developments that will ultimately disrupt our world?
  • How can leaders differentiate the signals amid the noise in today’s volatile geopolitical environment?
  • How can leaders see beyond today’s headlines toward a horizon brimming with both opportunity and risk?

Afshin Molavi

As a uniquely insightful commentator and writer on global trends and geopolitics, Afshin Molavi dissects our era’s biggest stories from the U.S-China Cold War to “the rise of the rest” in the emerging world to the key global trends changing how we produce, consume, connect, work and live.

Peppering his talks with anecdotes from his travels, a deep reading of history, and broad industry knowledge of commodities and supply chains, Molavi argues that globalization remains a potent force shaping our world in everything from vaccines (he dubbed it “Globalization in a Needle”) to your morning coffee, which he calls “Globalization in a Mug.” Taking a deep dive into systemic global issues, Molavi points to what he calls “disruption-proof trends” in demographics, urbanization, and connectivity as a better guide to the future than the daily headlines.

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