Educational Programming

Educational Programming

Association executives are challenged in 2022 with many aspects of the workplace and workforce. Many organizations have fewer staff to execute the same - - or increased workload. We need to concern ourselves with the “great resignation” and those who are “quietly quitting”, in addition to re-imagining our priorities and charting the course on strengthening culture with many staff operating virtually.

This year’s Five-Star Weekend will feature two provocative thought leaders who will provide significant insights into how we work and how we create healthy and prosperous environments for our people.  We will also enjoy a CEO reactor panel following the last presentation on Saturday. 

Friday, October 14

Keynote  9:30 - 10:30 a.m.
Pandit Dasa
Room: Fiesta 1-6

Mindful Leadership: Walking The Talk
Friday morning will feature Pandit Dasa.   Pandit has been known as the “Urban Monk” after having spent 10 years in New York City working as a monk.  After a family tragedy, Pandit wanted to discover greater purpose and meaning in his life.  It was then that he traveled to India to explore life as a monk. This life of mindfulness, reflection and service helped him discover his calling, and spent 15 years as a monk New York City.  

In 2014, he left behind the robes and became a keynote speaker and consultant to many Fortune 100 and 500 companies on resilience, mindfulness and well-being and how organizations can create a positive and mindful workplace culture which can improve employee well-being, retention, and productivity.

Pandit’s presentation will address the importance of becoming a mindful leader in a time of extreme change.  He will address ways to create an environment where ego battles aren’t driving the company down, where individuals put aside self-interest and how to make employees feel listened to and heard.  

Pandit has spoken for Google, NASA, the London Stock Exchange, Royal Bank of Canada, Pfizer, Comcast and more.
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Saturday, October 15

Keynote:  8:00 - 9:30 a.m.
Speaker: Jessica Kriegel
Room: Fiesta 1-6

The Culture Equation
Saturday morning’s session will feature Dr. Jessica Kriegel. Jessica is the Chief Scientist of Workplace Culture for Culture Partners, leading research and strategy in best practices for driving results through culture. For 15+ years, Jessica has been guiding global, national, Fortune 100 and other organizations across finance, technology, real estate and healthcare industries on the path to creating intentional cultures that accelerate performance.

Throughout her work in corporate American, Jessica consistently saw highly stressed leaders failing to deliver against lofty financial goals. She knew that if these leaders could transform their cultures, performance and profitability would follow. But, because culture is often viewed as an intangible, these leaders didn’t know where to begin.  It was then that Jessica set out on a personal mission to quantify culture.

Her doctoral research and consulting engagements with Oracle, Toyota, Lockheed Martin, Federal Reserve, and Bank of America to name a few, led to the Culture Equation - a tested model where strategy combined with culture to deliver consistent results.

This session will help CEOs understand how to best build international cultures, rather those that exist by default - - the ‘accidental culture”.  Perhaps your organization has never had a clear goal for its culture, or perhaps that culture has shifted dramatically since the world changed in early 2020.  Now is the time to create a culture that will support strategy, goals and human capital.    

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